Online Video Explosion Article Response

I found the article to be interesting because it not only described the impact of video on stories but it also commented on how media is bringing more and more jobs to the journalism field. By having video that relates to the story it is sometimes easy to convey what the writer wants to say but a video would show it better. The article pointed out that putting videos in articles isn’t always easy and it takes a lot of work to get the right shots needed for the story.

The video was very powerful and it was a very interesting experiment, the video certainly had a lot more impact than a still photo would be especially considering that we could hear him play. By including the video I was able to see people’s reactions to the music and I was able to experience what they were hearing.

Response to Video News Reporting Article (Nieman Reports)

The article was very interesting because it gave different points on view on the field of journalism especially now a days with the impact of media on the writing world. There are many interesting points that were brought up in the article, for me I have always had more of an interest in print journalism more than broadcast however its important to combine the two to get the story out there for the reading and viewing public.

The impact of media on the journalism field is one that will be more and more prevalent in the upcoming years and the article showed that.  Overall, I enjoyed reading the article because it gave an honest view of using multimedia and writing together in the journalism field.