Occupy Wall Street Movement Continues as Money Pours In

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is starting to make more and more money as the days drag on, as of October 18, 2011 has made $435,000.

At Zuccotti Park in Manhattan where the protest is location, lock boxes are set up where donations have totaled $8,000 a day while an in-person donation was $85,000.

The person in change of the money plays an important role

The man in charge of the money is Darrell Prince, 31 who is and activist with a business background.

“Its way more support than we ever thought would come in,” he said.

Getting back the money

Protesters are being reimbursed by the donations according to Prince who says that protesters are spending money in many different places and for their basic necessities.

  • $1,500 a day on food
  • $2,000 laundry bill for sleeping bags, jackets, and sweaters
  • $20,000 on equipment like laptops, cameras, and streaming video of the protest online.

Many donations besides money have been coming in:

1)    Blankets

2)    Cans of Food

3)    Camping Equipment

4)    Swim Goggles

The Lock Boxes

The boxes are used for most of the donations and the movement follows a simple routine, people walking by are able to drop their coins and bills in.

Then volunteers gather the boxes and bring them to a central point, and then they are taken to a office space that was also a gift from a New York union. There are no plans as of yet on how to spend the money but $100 a day are given to working groups such as sanitation, medical, finance, and media.

“The volunteers we recruit for the wok generally have experience running their own businesses or haves worked in the industry,” Prince said.

Winterizing the Movement

With no end in site to the movement, the immediate plan is to figure out how to survive the upcoming winter in New York. Daniel Levine, 26, a musician from Brooklyn knows the importance of and the immediacy of getting ready to winter.

“The movement needs to winterize. The fund could be used to help buy frost-proof clothing and other equipment to keep protesters warm,” he said. I’m flabbergasted there’s this much money, but in a way, I’m not surprised, considering the sentiments that we all share now of being disenfranchised.”


Even Prince has to agree with the significance of acquiring winter equipment before the snow comes.

“A lot people say we need to get an indoor space in addition to the outdoor encampment,” he said.

Donations can be given online using the following link:





L.A. Times Critique

The website we decided to critique was the Los Angeles Times because it wasn’t a paper that typically any of us here living in Connecticut would be reading on a daily basis. Also, considering that L.A. is know for a lot of entertainment and celebrities I wanted to see what kind of other news the website would provide.

There were many positives of the website there was a good mix of content on the homepage from local news to world news and entertainment. I liked that there were movie reviews and movie showtimes and they were easily accessible. It was a very organized website where everything had labels on the top where there were subcategories under each topic. I liked how the sidebars have spotlights from the newspaper, and I liked how they had links to their others newspapers depending on what you wanted to read about. The website also had information regarding deals for food, travel, around the city and other places such as Vegas or the zoo which I think is an important and unique thing to include especially in this economy everyone is looking for a good deal. This website had a lot of good information regarding travel and it also had a good “in case you missed it” section where they provide articles that were important. I liked that the website provided links to share it on Facebook, Twitter, mobile devices and other media sites because this is a popular way that people are getting information.

Negatives of the website were that although the mix of content on the homepage was good, there was a lot of it an it was hard to concentrate on all of the massive amounts of content. The website didn’t have much color besides the photographs, I wish that the font color was changed depending on the articles instead of it all being gray. When you open an article there was only one picture, I would have liked it better if there was a slide show or video that would go along with it. I really don’t like seeing people’s Facebook comments every time I open an article, I don’t think its necessary for to see these comments because sometimes people get into arguments and it supposed to be a professional site. I think that there are also to many ads on the site, and there is too much additional content when you open and article its important to have just the article.

Overall, I think that the website was well done everything seemed to be working well, and the articles were well written and the pictures were clear and related to what the articles were about.