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Reindeer, Bows, and Boxes…Oh, My….. Final Story

Reindeer, Bows, and Boxes…Oh, My…..

As the holiday season approaches, driving around neighborhoods it’s clear to see that the decorations are often up as early as the days before Thanksgiving. However, there are some stores that holiday decorations are available in the late summer meaning that people are able to start earlier than ever before.

For some homes, decorating is more than a few lights on their house and garage, it’s a full on display with anything and everything imaginable.

  • Sleighs with Santa Clauses are popular in neighborhoods.
  • Spiral Trees are often seen on lawns with Reindeers to accompany them.
  • Multicolored garland is often used to decorate fences.
  • Often Christmas trees are the first things up and decorate if they are fake but some people get their real tree early.
  • Inflatable decorations have become very popular with people that have young children especially.
  • Families will often decorate trees in their yard or bushes with lights that can easily be seen from the road.

New England weather is unpredictable; citizens can experience anything from sun, rain to snow during the winter months. According to the Farmers’ Almanac the weather outlook for 2012 is what many people fear, that we will have a repeat of what we had last year with all of the snow and there will also be a lot of other assorted “wild weather” which includes but is not limited to more snow.

Sarah Kurty, who has lived in Connecticut her entire life, is not a fan of the weather at all claiming that she hates the snow. She is however, uncertain as are most people about whether or not the weather we get for the winter will be like it was this past winter.

“I hope not,” she said. “But you never know.”

Based on locations, decorations may change because if you live in an area where are there are high winds or stormy weather it could possibly effect the way you decorate but Kurty doesn’t believe this.

“I don’t think so,” she said. “Because people buy decorations that can stand the weather.”

Homes are not the only places being decorated for the holiday season, churches, work buildings, and many other places are decking the halls with lights and wreaths. There are many places in Connecticut where citizens can get their fill of lights, decorations and an even a well known talking reindeer, Rudolph!

  • Lighthouse Point in East Haven has a Festival of Lights show.
  • Hubbard Park in Meriden light show that has been going on for many years.
  • Vinny’s Home and Garden in Wallingford has the well known Talking Rudolph which gives children the opportunity to tell him what they want for Christmas.
  •   Lyman Orchards in Middletown has winter events as well as events for all seasons.

Long gone are the days of simple decorations that parents and grandparents had grown up with, many things now are based on popular television programs or movies that people enjoy it is  less about fun more about competition for some people. As displays get bigger and bigger lights will become brighter and brighter, but the thing that will never change hopefully is that people will never stop decorating their homes and offices or the weather in Connecticut.

The holiday season in New England and particularly here in Connecticut is important to its residents because it seems like they are constantly attempting to outdo each other. Decorating has become a contest in the some neighborhoods, but it in other places they decorate for charity or just because it’s a tradition that they have always tried to keep up.



Blogs and Bloggers

There are many pros and cons when it comes to both blogs and the people that write them which are known as bloggers, a pro is that when you have a blog you are able to have a personality online meaning you can state opinions.  Another pro is that blogs are an easy way to share information with everyone on the internet, and then in turn they are using social media sites to gain more interest in what they have to say. Pros also include that blogs tend to be lighter and they allow readers to cosume information and post their own comments.

Cons of blogs and bloggers is that sometimes people aren’t very good writers, and they have many spelling and/or grammar mistakes that they simply would just look over. Another con would be that people can blog about anything and sometimes it could be irrelevent or just to start arguments.


For the final project I will be focusing on the upcoming holiday season and how things are changing all around us, from houses being decorated in my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods becuaes people tend to start early in my town. To go along with this I will also be mentioning the upcoming winter season and how it compares to other winters in the past, especially last year where we had a lot of snow.


For the storyboard the components that it will have include why the story is important, this story is important because it will its something that everyone sees whether they celebrate the holiday or not. The upcoming winter season will effect us all because it can determine whether or not we will have school or be able to drive, even though it might not seem relevant the upcoming holiday season   will continue to be effected by the economy.


The middle of my storyboard will include my photo slideshow, it will have several pictures of houses being decorated and other assorted decorations around that will be related to my topic. Its significant to include a slideshow because it will tell everyone where things are happening and they will get a better sense of the story, pictures help to bring emotion and relevance to the story.

Left Side:

I will include a video which is another one of my media elements besides the slideshow, the video will show action by looking around at neighborhood. The video will be able to show where the story will be taking place, the people viewing the video will be able to see the locations that I am talking about and the decorations as well.

Right Side:

I will include a weather map of Connecticut that will go along with the text at the bottom, this is important because it will be another visual component to the story.  I might be able to find the map on a website that explains winter weather patterns in the country and the state, weather will be an important component to my story besides the holiday decorating.


At the bottom I will include text about the history of weather patterns in Connecticut, with the text I will be able to describe and explain about the weather form the past. To find this information I will have to look up on websites or look at info-graphics about weather during the holiday season because not every year the weather is the same.


I will organize my project this way because I think that it will be the best way to make sure that everything will be seen and understood, its important to make sure that everything is included that is significant to the project.

Final Project Topic

For the final project topic I will be focusing on the upcoming holiday season and how towns and cities are changing their downtowns to make it look more like Christmas. With all of the holiday craft fairs coming up and the holiday shopping it should be easy to see the changing decorations everywhere that you look so it will be easy to include media elements in this story to make it a complete project.

For the media elements, I plan on doing a video as well as a photo slideshow to show how the towns are changing during the holiday season, I might also use other elements to get a better focus on the topic.