For the final project I will be focusing on the upcoming holiday season and how things are changing all around us, from houses being decorated in my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods becuaes people tend to start early in my town. To go along with this I will also be mentioning the upcoming winter season and how it compares to other winters in the past, especially last year where we had a lot of snow.


For the storyboard the components that it will have include why the story is important, this story is important because it will its something that everyone sees whether they celebrate the holiday or not. The upcoming winter season will effect us all because it can determine whether or not we will have school or be able to drive, even though it might not seem relevant the upcoming holiday season   will continue to be effected by the economy.


The middle of my storyboard will include my photo slideshow, it will have several pictures of houses being decorated and other assorted decorations around that will be related to my topic. Its significant to include a slideshow because it will tell everyone where things are happening and they will get a better sense of the story, pictures help to bring emotion and relevance to the story.

Left Side:

I will include a video which is another one of my media elements besides the slideshow, the video will show action by looking around at neighborhood. The video will be able to show where the story will be taking place, the people viewing the video will be able to see the locations that I am talking about and the decorations as well.

Right Side:

I will include a weather map of Connecticut that will go along with the text at the bottom, this is important because it will be another visual component to the story.  I might be able to find the map on a website that explains winter weather patterns in the country and the state, weather will be an important component to my story besides the holiday decorating.


At the bottom I will include text about the history of weather patterns in Connecticut, with the text I will be able to describe and explain about the weather form the past. To find this information I will have to look up on websites or look at info-graphics about weather during the holiday season because not every year the weather is the same.


I will organize my project this way because I think that it will be the best way to make sure that everything will be seen and understood, its important to make sure that everything is included that is significant to the project.


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